The Keepers of Forever
Book I
The Keeper's Way
A Science Fiction Novel
A blend of hard science fiction and classical space opera
with elements of horror and erotica.
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Copyright © 1997-2015 James C. Dunavant, All Rights Reserved
Last Update: Jan. 22, 2016
Typical Reader Comments:
As soon as I read the first chapter I was riveted. I couldn't stop reading. Incredible. --D.M., USA
The novel was great, it started off with a bang and never let up. --R.H., Dallas, Texas, USA
This work was one of a few that I got totally immersed into in recent months. I thoroughly enjoyed not being able to put it down. The story was unpredictable, which made it a delight to follow. The number of events far exceeded what I have become accustomed to expecting in sci-fi novels, another plus. --S.Z., New York, NY, USA
Great work!! I found myself spending more and more time reading it than anything else. I'm not one to read "space" books, but I just couldn't help myself. Thank you for sharing this with me and I hope to read the sequel soon. --J.M., Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA
Kicks @$$!!! I never thought I'd be so hooked into this novel. I can't wait for the sequel. --A.A., Philippines
Some of the best science fiction I've read anywhere! Uplifting and tear jerking at the same time, This novel is an experience in and of itself. --M.L., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
This story is one of the best I've read. Its original plot and the blending of concepts is fantastic. --B.G., Princeton, WV, USA
Excellent fiction - to find this caliber available for free on the web is awesome - I've read fiction for years - and this is as good as Pournelle, Asimov, Nivens, or any other I've read. --E.F., Salt Lake, UT USA
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The year is 2063. The seeder ship, Forever, is two years away from the launch window--its mission to populate the galaxy with humans in an effort to ensure the survival of the human species. Security is extraordinarily tight--the threat of genoclonic terrorists planning to skyjack the Forever looming large in the minds of the World Government officials. But they do not know of the immortal, human-like extraterrestrials exiled on Earth one-hundred thousand years ago. They do not know that the aliens, who call themselves Enonians, have plans of their own for the Forever.
But Forrest Hauser, team leader of the Forever Project at Worldly Machines, knows. He discovers their plans when the Enonians capture him and convert him to an immortal with superhuman Enonian-like powers. The Enonians need Hauser for his intimate knowledge of the Forever. But there is a price to pay. For Hauser, the price of immortality is the necessity of drinking human blood to survive, and the loss of all ties to the world he has known. For the Enonians, it is the inevitable bonding that results from the blood sharing, and the final confrontation with the New One they create--and underestimate.
Forrest Hauser has no choice but to ally himself with the Enonians. The immortal keepers flowing through his veins makes it impossible for him to return to his life on Earth. And, if he gives the Forever to the Enonians, they will be forever removed from Earth. He cannot know what he will do once they are safely away, a decision complicated by the presence of Lisa Hill, a spacer who has fallen in love with him, and follows him when he steals his way into the huge seeder ship.
Then, just as the Forever under Enonian control is preparing to leave the solar system, warships from Earth approach, forcing them to bounce before the Nothingness Drive--Enonian technology unknown on Earth--is fully installed and calibrated. They bounce-in twenty-thousand lightyears toward the center of the galaxy, and three-thousand years into the future--only to confront the Terran Empire descended from Earth.
And there, Forrest Hauser makes a discovery he could never have dreamt possible.

The Keepers of Forever takes you on an adventure of galactic proportions. Within these pages you will meet diverse lifeforms including the immortal, blood-drinking Enonians who must avoid sunlight and are the source of the vampire myth. You will meet the conscious, logical, yet emotion-driven Serp who lives within the ship's computers. You will meet the metamorphic quantum-mechanical Guardians, the genetically designed genoclones, and the Once Human Hauser with keeper enhanced senses, desires and emotions.
And you will meet the keepers themselves.
You will discover that physical reality is but a pale reflection of the true nature of things. You will encounter the co-existent universes, separate yet inextricably bound to ours, which together make up superspace--that place which is not a place but everywhere, the sum of all things, yet nothing. And you will learn of the Mind--a being whose domain is superspace, and whose thoughts is creation itself--your thoughts.
Nuts & Bolts

For your convenience, I've provided the contents of this WEB site as a ZIP file. You'll need a utility such as WinZip to decompress the archive into the separate chapters. Simply download the ZIP file, extract the contents into a folder, and start reading. See the link below.

The chapter files are in the "portable document format" (PDF) format. You will need a reader that can read this format. Some WEB browsers can read this format directly. If you do not have such a browser, visit and download the free reader they provide (look for "Acrobat Reader" or similar name). If your browser supports the PDF format, you can open and read each chapter using the links provided below.

WARNING: Because of the nature of the nanotechnology employed by the Enonians, sexually explicit situations are depicted that may be offensive to some readers. This is not porn, but I don't mince words either. If such material bothers you, I suggest you go elsewhere.

LEGAL: This WEB site and the novel The Keepers of Forever is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. You may download and read the novel at your leisure, but you may NOT distribute, publish, or otherwise infringe upon the intellectual property of the author.

The Keepers of Forever
Copyright © 1997-2015 James C. Dunavant, All Rights Reserved
You may, however, put links to this page on your WEB site, and by all means tell anyone and everyone you think might be interested. If you link to this page, please link to only. Images and other pages will change often.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination, or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. All non-fictitious quotations are the property of their respective owners.
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  Chapter 1: "Blood Dreams"
  Chapter 2: "First Kill"
  Chapter 3: "The Return"
  Chapter 4: "The Forever Project"
  Chapter 5: "The Worldly Machines Caper"
  Chapter 6: "The Plan"
  Chapter 7: "The Skyjack"
  Chapter 8: "Obsessions"
  Chapter 9: "The Covenant of Tribes"
  Chapter 10: "Dalliance"
  Chapter 11: "The Bounce"
  Chapter 12: "Parallel Visions"
  Chapter 13: "Things Forgotten"
  Chapter 14: "The Visitor"
  Chapter 15: "The Confrontation"
  Chapter 16: "First Times"
  Chapter 17: "Planetfall"
  Chapter 18: "Marcus-3"
  Chapter 19: "Schismatics"
  Chapter 20: "Keeper's Way"
  Chapter 21: "Extinction"
  Chapter 22: "Departure"
  Chapter 23: "In the End"

The sequel, The Ruler of the Void, may or may not be posted here depending on the feedback I get. But I most likely will anyway. I just need encouragement.

Your comments are welcome. In fact, they are encouraged. While my skills as a writer have improved considerably over the years, I still want to know what people think of my earlier work. I plan to return to the universe created in The Keepers of Forever in future novels. Your comments will be most helpful.

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